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Programme OFDM FBMC2.rar - FBMC programs very importants,2019-05-21 14:02:11,下載0次
FBM-OQAM.rar - QPSK modulation for communications applications,2019-05-21 13:59:39,下載0次 - OFDM fading program, and calculate the DSP of the OFDM system and tracing the curves,2017-10-03 18:06:24,下載6次
DVBTsignalgen.rar - DVBT programm very important code with explnation of this appraoch,2016-04-13 01:13:51,下載3次
OFDM.rar - Example of OFDM code utilization,2016-04-13 01:04:20,下載1次
channel_estimation_OFDM.rar - this program explane how estimate th radio channel using OFDM ,2016-04-13 01:03:01,下載3次 - This program describe how the UFMC method is used, which is an appraoch of OFDM but for 5 G systems wireless communication,2016-04-13 00:59:42,下載51次
FBMCPAM.rar - filter bank multicarrier modulation based on the lapped transform with complex emitted signal and real input data (Pulse amplitude modulation-PAM),2016-04-13 00:52:36,下載5次

ofdm_hpa_effects.rar - ofdm transmsission with the hpa efect which give rise to nonlinearity aand eventually the system goes to non linearity and this will will be in programming for AMAM and ampm hoa characteristics
hpapd.rar - to linearize the the nonlinear effects of hpa predistortion can be used in ofdm downlink transmission,
analysis-filter-bank-along-1-dirc.rar - ANALYSIS FILTER BANK OF IMAGES - Filter bank coding for communication - The idea of a filterbank on a non-linear(mel) frequency scale - about filter bank non-uniform - Filter Bank Multi carrier
gabor_bank.rar - this is gabor bank filter - mmse filter bank description
all_progs.rar - papr to differenrt number of subcarrier: we put N = 256,512,1024 and show the output ofp ccdf with papr when we use QPSK modulation. The PAPR ratio is a measure of the dynamic range in OFDM signals. Thus high PAPR induces a high dynamic range which describes high variability in the signal range. complex data sequences are input to the IDFT of an OFDM transmitter then at the output of the IDFT, real and imaginary parts are obtained. - Field of Digital Communications. Topic: Diversity Combining Matlab Program (m File) for exploiting Receiver Antenna Diversity: Maximal Ration Combining (MRC)
stbc21.rar - Alamouti雙天線發射分集方案的源程序,可實現任意psk調制
stbc12.rar - MRC雙天線接收分集方案的matlab仿真程序 空時分集 源程序
prog_MRC_AWGN.rar - MRC combiner with mimo in LTE demonstration code
MRC-EGC.rar - MRC EGC 聯合器的實現 matlab
comunication-channel-simulation.rar - 信道仿真代碼信道仿真代碼信道仿真代碼信道仿真代碼
OFDM-channel-simulation.rar - OFDM信道仿真源代碼,基于matlab環境開發
Wireless-Channel-Models.rar - Wireless model channel
system_simulation_code.rar - Tranter_Book Time Variant Channel Simulation Codes - Phydyas project in matlab.